What is Simple Living?

I am on a journey to living more simply for better wellbeing but what is simple living? What could be classed as Simple Life?

If you head off into the the obis of google you can find loads on simplifying life. Rules to follow, decluttering techniques and more. It can be a little overwhelming to say the least.

I have decided to set my own simple list of simple living ideas and what it means to me.

Can I even have a simple life as a mum to 2 sets of twins? I mean just leaving the house is quite a complex task. The amount of things we need to carry on a daily basis!

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5 Simple Living Ideas

I’ve been doing a little research into living a more simple life and I have come up with a set of rules. Hopefully These will create a simpler way to live for my family.

Declutter for simple living

The big one to start with for any Simple living lifestyle is decluttering. I have been on this mission for as long as I can remember. One piece of advise I heard is just start. Though I think working on decluttering on a bigger scale is in order for it to really impact positively on our Simple living lifestyle.

Rhythms and Routines

I know as well as most that creating a daily routine can make for a less stressful time especially on school days. Creating these routines or rhythms is essential for simple living.

Daily rhythms are personal to our circumstances therefore we need to create ones that fit the time of life we are in right now.

When we find a routine that fits our time of life it means we dont have to think as much about the things that need doing. Like brushing your teeth or making a cuppa first thing. Why not add emptying the dishwasher to that list and do it every day in the same order. You will have created a rhythm before you know it. Then it just gets done as part of your everyday.

Simplify Money & Spending Habits

Is it really as simple as not spending money? Well yes and no. Most things cost money. Food, clothing, our homes, e.t.c.
We need to start a budget and not impulse buy. Write lists for things we need.

Paying off debts is is a huge way to simplify finances and something we have been working on for a while.

Food Made Easy

Following on from Money and making lists for less spending is food. Creating meal plans for our weekly meals not only saves us money but it also takes away the stress of thinking what to eat each day.

A lot of the research I have done into simple living also suggests eating a more organic unprocessed diet. which we all know is good for our health.

In my bid to live a more simple life I plan to mostly cook and eat a less processed diet. Add more fresh fruit and vegetables into our daily life, however I am realistic I will also throw in some more quick and dare I say fast food meals because you know 4 children and all that. Sometimes you have to go for the easy option.

ECO Friendly

For a long time I have sat with my head in the ground regarding living more eco friendly. I have used disposable plastics and not thought about the consequences on the world we are leaving for our children. I think alot of us are guilty of this.

The past few months though I have been trying to find alternatives. making swaps within our life to help with the plastic crisis and our effect on the planet.

Making more conscious decisions for eco living is high up there on my list for simple living.

I hope this list will inspire you to start your simple living journey. Remember little steps each day. Maybe make up your own rules to suit your season of life.

Nina x

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