Why I Am A Member Of The WI.

I’m a member of the WI, this statement often gets met with “YOU?” “Why are you a member of the WI?”

I’m not really an advert for what you would think of the WI I love crafting but really I suck at most things – They just look like a child’s creation.

I’m not really a Homey person, tidying up is not my strong point.

You just have to look at my insta the other day when I tried to make rock cakes with the kids, They turned out like biscuits?? I sill don’t know what went wrong.


So yeh maybe that why they wonder why I am a member


It turns out you don’t have to be good at these things, You can be just who you are.

You don’t have to know the words to Jerusalem off by heart or know how to make Jam.

You don’t even have to bake a Victoria sponge with exact precession, our WI doesn’t even do cakes at tea time we do tea & biscuits ( I know it disappoints me sometimes too!)

What we do is camaraderie. We do fun, We do crafting without rules, We do friendship.

I and a group of friends get to ditch the hubbys & kids one night a month and listen to a speaker or take part in a craft or activity while mingling with other women. We learn new things, we drink hot tea and gossip about the world. It’s bloody fabulous.

Occasionally we get to go to other events Like tea & tents or I even went to London travel paid to take part in a workshop about the members website.

It a great place to learn, to take part in things I wouldn’t necessarily try if I didn’t go to WI.

But more than all of that….

Last August I posted a picture on the Tea & Tents Page (For those that don’t know Tea and Tents is an unofficial camp In Walesby for only WI members. But that’s another post entirely) Any way I posted on there that I was sat in the hospital with my low-lying placenta percreta. 

I was overwhelmed with the amount of well wishers that offered to give me company in the hospital, offered to cook a home cooked meal if i got sick of hospital food they even offered my hubby a place to stay close to the hospital if he wasn’t allowed to stay with me.

After my op I managed to check back on Facebook. It was a while after but there were so many notifications asking how I was and how the babies were doing. As I said I was overwhelmed.


This! This is why I’m in the WI

If you fancy joining the WI head to the main website and see what WI is around you.


Nina x

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