Why I’ve Sent the Kids Back To School.

In April I made the decision to take the kids out of school.

What was ment to happen was we would spend time working through work books, learning while we travelled around the Uk and Europe!

We traveled to Norfolk, and a few day trips here and there to different towns.

Heres what Ive found.

Our local library wasn’t at all helpful and I even felt quite unwelcome!

I found that when we go out going to the toilet can bee an issue and in-fact in some places I cant get in at all! Having a twin pushchair means I cant access a-lot of places.

A Chris’s work there has been a major shift meaning he’s not at home as much as he was!

It also means the trip we could have gone with him on we no longer can!

instead of having relaxed mornings, once breakfast was done and books were out things started getting stressful.

Jake is quite a way behind Melody and I didn’t really realise how far.

He wouldn’t listen  to me and Melody tried to but in at every opportunity.

Ive realised I’m not a very good teacher.

I’m not sure how to put things to get across how to do things.

Days were just getting filled with anger and stress instead of the days I dreamed about where it would feel relaxed and carefree!

The babies were becoming more and more in need of attention!

So I made the hard decision to put them back into school, for now!

Thanks for all your support on our little home ed journey.

I hope you stick around and follow our new adventures!


Nina x



  1. 22nd August 2018 / 15:50

    Best of luck! We all do things for different reasons! All the best!

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