So you bought a Canoe but Now What?

Lockdown has seen some crazy purchases happening. Remember the days when amazon carts were filled because you couldn’t sleep, 4 well in 2020 they are filled and bought due to being bored in lockdown! Keep reading to see what some other blogger bagged during lockdown! We bought a canoe. A 3 person Canoe! If like many others I’ve seen also bagged a canoe you may need to read this. So You bought a canoe but now what?

so you bought a canoe

Bought A Canoe But Now What?

Well we really fell into an amazon hole this time. I have fancied a kayak since our trip to Norfolk and heading out on the kayak and coffee trip with Norfolk outdoor adventures. Then during one of our family exercise walks we spotted a couple of people on inflatable kayaks paddling down the canal. We have been totally influenced. We came home and straight away started googling inflatable kayaks. First one person kayaks than 3 person as We thought maybe we can get 2 and head out as a family if we like it.

Add To Basket

We eventually found a 3 person Kayak within our price range and clicked buy. So we bought a canoe but now what?

Having had a boat some time ago on our local canal we decided to find out if we need anything to play on the canals or rivers with our inflatable canoe.

Can we just stick it in the water?

Chances of being caught on the waterways are slim. If you are heading out on your new Kayak often though you need to purchase a couple of things.

Insurance – What if you had an accident on the water and needed towing in or damaged someones property while paddling your new canoe?

Canal & River Trust Boat licence – Yes even for an inflatable canoe

You can buy a boat licence through the canal & River trust website. however if you head on over to British Canoeing you can obtain a waterways licence and insurance for one yearly payment. This will save you loads. I paid £45 for the year! There are loads of benefits to becoming a member of British canoeing too. Access to competitions and money off at cotswold outdoors.

Safety First

You also need to think about safety while enjoying your new hobby.

One thing to think about is a life vest or buoyancy aid. I would do your own research here. Some vests will be restricting and may result in not being able to paddle or even see as some tend to ride up when you are sat.

Dont go out alone – As with all water activities its always best if you can head out with another person. Canoeing would be a great activity for a socially distant catch up if you both have a canoe.

I am a feet can touch the floor wild swimmer. Which means I very rarely swim out of my depth. The same goes for canoeing. If I think I wouldn’t make it the the river bank or tow path should something happen to my kayak, I wouldn’t go there in the first place. Stay within where you feel safe.

Things to note!

The waterways are an amazing community of people. From fishermen, to live aboard barge owners. It should go without saying respect others around. Keep the noise down, and keep a distance from others and their boats.

The best thing for me when we head out canoeing is the cuppa and snack at the end. I hope I am teaching my kids to respect the environment enough so they know not to litter when we are out and about. I always take my rubbish away with me as often riverside bins are left until the last minute which means they overflow. Never leave litter just on the ground. Not only is it harmful to the environment and wildlife living by the river but it doesn’t make a nice place to spend time if there are crips packets, and pop bottles floating along side of you.

Canoe Kit

This is by no means an extensive list however this is what we try and take on our trips on the canal

  • Canoe – Obviously! We have a Tahiti plus two person plus child kayak.
  • Paddle – Ideal ones would be a two piece so it is easily dismantled for travel and storage.
  • Dry bag/Sack – Best thing for storing your phone and keys and obviously you picnic.
  • Flask & Snacks- Really important for that well earned cuppa at the end of your voyage.
  • Rope – It is a good idea to have some rope to tie your kayak to the side of the canal this make it easier to get in and out and you are less likely to get wet and or lose your canoe.
  • NonSlip wet shoes – We already had these for our trips to the seaside but they are so handy for the canoe. There are no buckle or metal that could puncture your inflatable. They are super grippy so you wont slip while manoeuvring in and out.
  • Buoyancy vests – Mine is currently on order and the kids ones are not really right for what we need as they are just too big so they make it difficult for them to see and paddle. However they are a necessity for our kayak kit to make our hobby safe. So if you have an ideas please do let me know.
  • Compact Towel – You are bound to get a little bit wet during kayaking. We have been Carrying a microfibre compact towel on every trip just incase.
  • Changing tent – Spare clothes – Well you just never know! We leave these in the car just incase.
  • Go-Pro The amount of times I’ve wanted to take a couple of photos but not wanted to get my phone out just incase. Im known for dropping my phone like a-lot! So taking a go-pro or similar waterproof camera is handy!
  • Phone in a waterproof pouch – You can get some decent waterproof pouches to put your phone in. Im still in need one one but I wouldn’t leave without my phone just incase of emergency.

Now Get paddling!

I hope this post is a little bit of a help for your kayak adventures. if you have any tips why not leave them in the comments below!

I can see a few more kayaking related posts appearing on here as it really is our new favourite hobby. If you are interested in kayaking or being on the river/ canals dont forget to follow along. I also post our kayak adventures and other daily adventures over on instagram daily.

What did You Buy?

I mentioned at the beginning a-lot have purchased random things during lockdown. I asked a group of bloggers what they had bought during the 2020 pandemic here is what they said!

Another Canoe Purchase

It (Canoe purchasing) must be a thing because my brother bought an inflatable kayak. Fine for living by the sea whilst he’s staying with my parents during the pandemic but less useful when he returns to his ‘normal’ flat and life in London!


I bought a mini polaroid camera, several packets of (very expensive) polaroid film and a scrap book to stick the pics in. It was going to be a project that we could do during lockdown. We were going to take a pic each day, stick it in the scrapbook and get the kids to write a little description. So far it has barely been out of it’s box! Too many different priorities…At least the intentions were there!

There were 4 in the bed….

We decided to bite the bullet and buy an emperor sized bed. One of the boys always ends up with us at some point between 7pm and 7am and we are sick to death of having rubbish sleep because we are being kicked or rolled onto. Seemed like a really good idea mid-way through lockdown, now I’m thinking how is it gonna fit up the stairs?! We will find out tomorrow when it arrives! 



I bought a sewing machine because I thought I could fix some old clothes during lockdown. When it arrived, I remembered that I hated sewing in school. Needless to say, the sewing machine hasn’t seen much use. 


Fancy That!

Umm dinosaur outfit (for me), Cinderella outfit (for me), a single shot measure (to stop the free pouring, today a package of scrunchies turned up ????????‍♀️ I’m out of control

Home Brew!

We have bought the ‘Fermzilla’ (think Godzilla of homebrew fermenting containers!). You can brew up to 50 litres of wine or beer in it at once. We thought it was a fun new hobby to start, with the benefit of booze at the end of it – but it is absolutely enormous and there is no room in my house for it. At the moment it is towering in a sinister manner, taking up a complete kitchen worktop!

Bought A Canoe But Now What – Pin Me!

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Dont forget to let me know what your lockdown 2020 random purchase has been.

Nina x



  1. 15th July 2020 / 16:57

    I do hope you enjoy your adventures in your canoe. It is something I have never tried so would like to have a go.

    • Nina
      15th July 2020 / 18:53

      We have been loving it! we are thinking of adding to our fleet too. ha ha
      Hubby has a bad shoulder right now but fingers crossed when hospitals can take people in for scans again we can find out whats wrong fix it and away we go! xx

  2. 15th July 2020 / 18:53

    Great fun!
    Reminds me of the time I bid on a 3 metre tipi on eBay. Then realised we would need 7 5 metre wppden poles, 12 wooden tent pegs and lancing pins to go with it.
    Seriously though, what a cool purchase.

    • Nina
      15th July 2020 / 19:39

      Ha ha often the bargains are not quite the bargain we had hoped! x

  3. 15th July 2020 / 19:35

    Never thought you need so many things to go canoeing! But I agree with you that you want to make sure you are safe at all times

    • Nina
      15th July 2020 / 19:40

      I think most people are just buying a canoe and messing on the shallow rivers but being a bit anxious i like to be safe and know we are all covered! xx

  4. 15th July 2020 / 23:07

    I have actually thought about buying a canoe so this was right up my street. Thank you

    • Nina
      23rd July 2020 / 14:24

      DO it! Its the best fun you will have! xx

  5. 16th July 2020 / 08:02

    I think I would be afraid, but I would still try such fun if the opportunity arose. My husband would be much happier if we had a canoe. He likes water and water sports.

  6. 16th July 2020 / 10:13

    I’d love to do this, but I don’t think I’d have the guts to do it myself and would have to go through a company. Thanks for explaining how it would work if I did take the leap!

  7. 17th July 2020 / 05:47

    Love hearing about these impulsive fun purchases. It’s definitely one of those times which has made us think about how we spend our lives!

    • Nina
      23rd July 2020 / 14:23

      It really has hasn’t it! I think maybe its just what we needed. xx

  8. 19th July 2020 / 12:01

    I love canoeing and definitely looking forward to purchasing one of those for me and my family

    • Nina
      23rd July 2020 / 14:23

      Do it! Its so much fun isn’t it!

  9. 20th July 2020 / 21:40

    Loads of really useful information here. Lots of people have been making the most of the great outdoors and buying canoes or SUPs!

    • Nina
      23rd July 2020 / 14:22

      Yes I think most of us are appreciating it so much more x

  10. 30th July 2020 / 18:29

    I love this! I wouldn’t ever think of buying something like this but it has just proved that you can and you can spend lots of time enjoying it

    • Nina
      6th August 2020 / 13:36

      Just Do It! Its the best fun!!xx

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