July Update.

July has been Epic.

So epic I thought this month I would give it its very own blog post.

We certainly ran with our word of the Month which was Summer.

July was..

Full of family adventures. We kicked off July with a trip to our favourite island – Lanzarote. It was quite hard work with 4 kids and there were a few moment where I could quite happily got back on a plane home.


We returned back to England and the kids returned back to school for transition. I still haven’t posted why I’ve sent them back. Maybe I’ll get around to it one day.

We’ve spent lots of time outdoors. Exploring the forest, visiting the fire station open day, and cooling off in the garden.

July meant 3 days off for me and 3 of my friends as we attended the unofficial WI camp just down the road. Tea & Tents is a mini festival 500 + women camping, crafting, gossiping, sharing stories and skills. There food and alcohol. But best of all there are no husbands and no children. Though we all missed the kiddos by bedtime I’m sure.

We celebrated a few birthdays in July too. One of which was my own. And my uncles which is on the same day. He was 60 this year. So we decided to head up to Whitby and surprise him. Little did I know His girlfriend had planned an amazing meal in his local pub and restaurant. Complete with a cake each and a balloon.

My birthday celebrations continued the weekend following as we had our annual summer/ birthday BBQ. Unfortunately this marked the beginning of the rain storms. I’m so grateful for amazing family & Friends.

Also in July, my 17-year-old god-daughter moved out of her mum’s, me & Spencer’s ARC Daddy managed to wrangle a date night to the cinema for Mission impossible Fallout. – It was brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film. Though there are a few moments in it where you sort of know where the story is going.

I’ve accepted my first ambassadorship.

I’m going to work with a little Brand called Little drop in the Ocean. I will be writing a few blog posts going forward about why I love the brand so much.

Then we ended the month playing in granddad’s pool and soaking in the hot tub which I was lucky enough to receive from Spencer’s ARC Daddy for my birthday. Though I do think he bought it more for his benefit than mine. Lol

Right. Phew. On to August. I told you July was Epic.

Come back to the blog tomorrow for my August word of the month.

Nina x