Returning to a new normal – Life after lockdown. Was it a waste?

This was going to be an instagram post but I went over the letter limit so here we are A new blog post! Today we head into a new normal. After weeks and months of lockdown shops and restaurants and pubs are reopening. Returning to a new normal – Life after lockdown. Was it a waste?

a new normal

Returning to a new normal – Life after lockdown. Was it a waste?

I know the epidemic is far from over but today we are heading back to some kind of normal.
Most kids are still off school and some business are still not allowed to open up yet (I want my gel nail fix damn it!!) and It still looks like my 40th will be spent without a big group of friends but instead be lots Of little celebrations. But a new normal non the less.

During this strange time I have been feeling like I’ve missed the opportunity to change/ improve/ learn during lockdown. Like I’ve missed moments that could have been great memories made. That my house is still too cluttered, and worn out.
However it’s not until you look back you actually see how far you’ve come.

Memories Made

Some days may feel hard, and long and you may feel broken by the end of the week.
But memories have been made, the kids I’m sure will still look back at those walks around the block, the nights spent playing uno, the movies & box sets we’ve watched. That time when daddy was home every day, those times when they played hide and seek over a video call.
The festival we had, the stay at home road trip we didn’t go on. The lazy mornings without me hollering about finding shoes, homework books and pe kits.

I may not have decluttered very much in fact some would argue our house looks fuller than ever, I may not have redecorated the kids rooms like I’d hoped, I may not now know Swahili or the full Latin alphabet. Or lost 4 stone or found myself.


I’m living through a pandemic. I’m bringing up 4 kids, one has potty trained himself. I’ve “taught” and learnt about angles, verbs, white privilege, black history.
I’ve planned meals, cooked meals, ate meals.
I’ve found places to visit, activities to do and planned events at home.

I’m not rushing out shopping any time soon nor am I planning to visit our lovely lanzarote for this year at least.
But new adventures are coming. New places are going to visited and my hair will be less grey this time next week!

What I’m trying to say in this post too long for instagram is..

You do you!

Know that looking back you will have made some good memories, you will have achieved something! Ok you may not come out of lockdown with a degree in astrophysics and you may still be baffled as to what a frontal adverbial is. But you are alive! There is a whole world to explore and opportunities are out there. Now it just a case of looking in the right place and taking that step.

You do you!

There is no harm in taking baby steps back out in the world as Ive said earlier on in this long winded rambley post. I wont be heading to a shopping centre any time soon. I’m not sure how long it will be before I feel comfortable heading to the airport again. But baby steps to our new normal.

No Judgement (Unless you are a covidiot)

Some people will be heading out today. Rushing to the pub, heading to primark, let them! as long as they are not putting other people lives in danger by doing so let them. they may need that bit more normal in their life! You do you!




Go make some memories , Go be You!!!

If you have got this far well done you’ve earned another brew!

Returning to a new normal - Life after lockdown. Was it a waste?

Nina xx


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