10 Reasons – Why standing in the queue to have your photo took in front of the Coca-Cola Lorry will break you!


  1. You will worry about the huge crowd
  2. The Huge crowd could mean possible terror incident.
  3. There will be people around you
  4. There will be people around you who are smoking and blowing it in your face.
  5. You will be told approx 100 times by your kids that it’s cold.
  6. The kids will demand a ballon about as many times as they have told you it’s cold.
  7. You will have to break up fights between your children.
  8. You will get to near the end of the queue and one child or yourself will decide they really need a wee and they will need it right now.
  9. The truck will not be as overwhelming as you thought it would be.
  10. It’s cold in November. And the trucks will be outside

Two Extra bonus reasons!

  1. Weep again when you realise you need a truck the size of the Coca-Cola lorry to transport your huge family.
  2. When you leave the queue and start to find somewhere to feed the babies. You realise that the very helpful Nanny Sue has taken the bottles out of the bag to clean them!


  1. Though when you see the photos that the Coca-Cola Elves take you will shed a tear.
  2. Especially as it’s the first photo with all 7 of you in it!
  3. And when you hear the music you will shed another tear as that’s what you and your new husband walked back down the aisle to after you have said your vows.



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